Mission:118 began in September 2013 when three best friends discussed their life plans over lunch. Lexie Bear, Tiffany Otis, and Kennedy Webster found that their ideas for the future would be much better put together - and then the business was born. 

Immediately the girls began fundraising and getting the idea and business name out there, and the word got out quick. Before they knew it, they were getting calls from local news reporters wanting to put their names in the paper and share their idea on television. Soon after, people from the other side of the country were hearing about this charitable business and were wanting to buy t-shirts that they had printed! Between word of mouth, yard sales, donations, and craft shows, the teenage entrepreneurs had enough money to get started and had plenty of people to help them.

How it works:
Every month, we will choose a different charity to sponsor. Then, we will design t-shirts for that specific month and charity to sell, however, the designs we put up will only be there that month so every t-shirt is limited edition! Our customers can come to our website to get more information about the charity being sponsored and will be able to buy the t-shirt they want to help support that person or organization. After the customer purchases a shirt, we take out the cost it took to make the shirt, and the rest is given away to the featured charity!



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